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This is how this translation portal for works

 Enter your request for free and at no obligation to you.

 Freelance translators and/or translation agencies send their price quotes. You will be notified of every new quote.

 You compare the quotes and select the best suited language service provider for your project.

And should none of the quotes suit you this is no problem at all. You are not obligated until you accept one of the translators' quotes and terms of service.

Key features

 Quickly receive price quotes from translation service providers

 No obligation until you accept a specific translator and his/her terms of service

 Simply compare translation providers and their prices online

 Choose from translators from everywhere in the world

 Specify who should send price quotes, e.g. select native speakers only

 Select the best suited translation provider through our job management

Questions and answers

How does this website work

This website is run by ESTservices. This is an internet platform where translators and their clients meet. The easy-to-fill form allows you to ask for price quotes for your project. You select the best suited translator among all quotes received and contact him/her directly to agree upon the details.

How can I ask for price quotes

Enter your request in our form page. Select a language pair and a special field (if necessary). Give a short description of what you need translated. Finally you may enter a text sample to show the translators what it is. On a second page you enter your contact information so that we can notify you of every price quote.

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How will I be notified of price quotes

All translators who match your requirements will automatically be notified of your request. Interested translation providers enter their price quotes in a standardized form. You will be notified of every price quote. You click a link in the notification email to read a price quote. The job management tool lets you easily compare all quotes online and/or print. Then, you should select the best suited translator and contact him/her directly.

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When should I ask for a sample translation

Should you have a large text, such as a book, we recommend to ask for a short sample translation. This will allow you to assess the quality of the translation you would receive. In general, one or two short paragraphs will do.

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What is the difference between an immediate and a potential request

Please indicate whether you have an immediate project. If you just wish to know what a translation of your text will cost or what the terms of delivery, etc., might be, please indicate that your project is potential.

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What does this service cost

Nothing. You may enter your requests and receive free no-obligation quotes at no cost. But of course the translation itself is not free. There is no percentage going to ESTservices or this website.

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Should you have questions, please drop us a line at: info@english-spanish-translation.org.